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Hire dedicated Php developer for your project

Adisoftronics provides turnkey PHP solutions to clients for their requirements . Adisoftronics develops extensive enterprise PHP web apps that are developed to render adequate value to your trade objectives & structure. Adisoftronics's PHP development services enable client to achieve various trade roles in the enterprise environment, including people, collaboration & processes.Hire our developers for your php development needs we are providing the best services as we can

You can appoint a trained, outsourced PHP Dedicated Developer with adisoftronics at a very affordable cost . During work hours, developer will be always available for you. You can contact anytime you like. He will report through an online system. We will provide all web development amenities on your behalf.

Why Hire Php Devloper

  • Experienced Developer
  • Consultancy with senior developers
  • Pay only when you use
  • Zero investment model
  • Daily Reporting

How an Outsourced Dedicated Developer Works?

We recruit intelligent, well qualified and experienced PHP/MySQL developers and let them work under quality oriented strict supervision.
They become available for hiring when they ensure delivering quality works.

Here how it works.

  • You hire a full time developer (or project manager) just paying a 10 days charge in advance.
  • We provide all web development amenities. We even provide our code library, modules, and framework free for him to use. These have been built and tested since 2010.
  • The developer will work only on your projects and will be always available during the working hours. You can contact them any time, during the working hours. If he is stuck or need some expert help, he has option to consult other expert developers who you have not hired.
  • You get the non development works (template design, data entry etc) by other resources on assignment basis.
  • Your dedicated developer can manage it on your behalf.
  • He manage a daily log and enter what hours have been spent on what tasks.You can check his works any time.
  • In case a developer has become ill or left the job or you are not satisfied with his works, we will arrange a replacement developer.
  • We will be available for future support, after years, even for a 1 hour job.
  • In short, it is just like your own developer at your office. Except he sits bihind the internet, not behind the wall. Additionally you do not take any technical and HR hassles.

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